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Merry Christmas 2012 by NyraStarray Merry Christmas 2012 :iconnyrastarray:NyraStarray 0 1
Shattered Amazment INC
Talk about amazing,
But sometimes Im just too lazy
and then I start dazeing
Next thing I know its all just hazy
Talk about amazing.
:iconnyrastarray:NyraStarray 0 0
Let me type with the letters on this laptop
to make words for a poem.
Considering my mind has been a fart lately
I thought the need to just type anything
In the end
It was just inspiration for something new
:iconnyrastarray:NyraStarray 0 0
Rasta Magic by NyraStarray Rasta Magic :iconnyrastarray:NyraStarray 0 0 Happy New Years 2012 by NyraStarray Happy New Years 2012 :iconnyrastarray:NyraStarray 0 0 Merry Christmas by NyraStarray Merry Christmas :iconnyrastarray:NyraStarray 0 0
Leaving me Behind
Something inside me tells me to leave.
But deep down, I keep pushing forward.
I want to keep chasing you.
But you got out of my sight.
Left me behind while you ventured above.
Loneliness is ahead of me & emptiness is behind me.
:iconnyrastarray:NyraStarray 1 0
Happy Halloween by NyraStarray Happy Halloween :iconnyrastarray:NyraStarray 0 2 Locked In by NyraStarray Locked In :iconnyrastarray:NyraStarray 0 0 Lock our Hearts by NyraStarray Lock our Hearts :iconnyrastarray:NyraStarray 1 0 Chained up by NyraStarray Chained up :iconnyrastarray:NyraStarray 0 0 Swing with no swing by NyraStarray Swing with no swing :iconnyrastarray:NyraStarray 0 5
Cause I did it to you
I won't cry foul
I'll just smile
So keep the posion coming
And kill me slow
Its just fine
Cause I did it to you
I'll endure the pain
With a smile on my face
Cause I did it to you
And I can't cry foul
Ill take it with a smile
It's more than I deserve
Cause I did it first
And baby I love you
So add another drop
Or inject me with a shot
Whatever you like
Cause I did it to you
And you survived
But baby just know
I love you
:iconnyrastarray:NyraStarray 2 7
I Want to be Good Enough
Your name is Tyrus Nicoda. Your 13 and Syrus is 14. You transferred to DA a few months ago and you had met a boy named Syrus Truesdale. You knew Syrus had a crush on you but you didn't want to hurt his feelings by telling him that you didn't like him. In fact you like Jaden. There was a school dance coming up and you still didn't have a date.
Story starts:
You were in your room and you heard a knock on the door. You opened it to see Jaden. You said " hey Jay whats ups" Jaden said " well Ty, Sy was looking for you." you said " um okay" Jaden said " he's at the dock" you said " ok let me go and find him" you went down to the docks and saw Syrus. Syrus said " um h h hey Ty um u u you want t to go to th the dance with m me?" you said " sure Sy ill go with you" Syrus's face lit up and said " re really?" you said "yeah really."
Ok you finished getting ready for the dance and was waiting for Syrus to come and pick you up when you heard a knock on the door. It was Jaden. You said " he
:iconnyrastarray:NyraStarray 1 0
Your name is Desiree Sparks and your 15.(Chazz is 16) you have long black hair, and black eyes. Seto and Chazz are brothers. I know you people are saying how is Chazz and Seto related well there not. But I had to think of two people before I lost my thought.
Story starts:
You were at your house when the phone the phone rang. It was about 3 am. It was Seto. Seto was your boyfriend's brother. He asked you to come over. You said "why." He said "because im lonely." You said "want Chazz be mad." Seto said "no he's not here." You said "I don't think it would be right." "Please D, I really want you to be here with me," said Seto You toke a deep breath and said "fine ill come." "Oh yeah D, the front door is open for you," Seto said. You said "ok." You knew Chazz would be mad if he found out about you seeing his brother. You got to Seto and Chazz's house and walked in. Seto said "D im in the bedroom can you come with me." You said "um sure." You got in the bedroom with Seto. He looked at you an
:iconnyrastarray:NyraStarray 0 0
My Love is NOT a Game
Your name is JayCee Heart and your 14 and Joey is 15. You and Seto Kaiba have been going out for 3 years and yall had a rocky relationship. You and Joey and the gang have known each other for along time, but when you started going with Seto they didn't want to be your friend anymore. Only Joey stuck by your side.
Story starts:
"Seto I cant believe you went with me for three years and now you want to tell me that it was all a game, I thought you loved me." you said. Seto " I did love you until after the first year when I saw the fan girls stopped following me , and after that I wanted you so the fan girls wouldn't chase me." you could feel yourself tear up and you ran out the house crying. As you were running down the street you bummed into someone. It was Joey. Joey said "Jaycee why are you crying. Is something wrong. Did something happen. Are you ok." you felt yourself get weak and you fell to the ground. Right before you hit the ground Joey caught you. Joey picked you up bridal style
:iconnyrastarray:NyraStarray 0 0
A peak of my creativity <3


Fruits Basket by commoner-pocky Fruits Basket :iconcommoner-pocky:commoner-pocky 117 42 Can't Touch This by HaaraUchiha Can't Touch This :iconhaarauchiha:HaaraUchiha 233 21 Shizuo Heiwajima motivational poster by DenieraKnight Shizuo Heiwajima motivational poster :icondenieraknight:DenieraKnight 544 370 Mewshs - Handmade Mew Pluhies by Piquipauparro Mewshs - Handmade Mew Pluhies :iconpiquipauparro:Piquipauparro 5,623 714
It's tearing me apart. I'm breaking apart inside. I can't even smile. It hurts.
I can't do it anymore.
:iconliteofjuly:LiteOfJuly 436 311
Puzzle by heartofkavelle Puzzle :iconheartofkavelle:heartofkavelle 10 5 Two Halves by crayon-chewer Two Halves :iconcrayon-chewer:crayon-chewer 3,193 112 Seto Kaiba by Mallemagic Seto Kaiba :iconmallemagic:Mallemagic 882 181 .Starry Sky. by crayon-chewer .Starry Sky. :iconcrayon-chewer:crayon-chewer 842 41 A Chance Meeting by imaginism A Chance Meeting :iconimaginism:imaginism 2,350 52 day by BlackCatShooter day :iconblackcatshooter:BlackCatShooter 2,440 0 jar of hearts by BlackCatShooter jar of hearts :iconblackcatshooter:BlackCatShooter 4,977 0 Like a Swan by DarienDoodles Like a Swan :icondariendoodles:DarienDoodles 1,991 205 Yellow Party by DarienDoodles Yellow Party :icondariendoodles:DarienDoodles 10,897 664 Catherine by Laernu Catherine :iconlaernu:Laernu 17 2 religion does not matters by BlackCatShooter religion does not matters :iconblackcatshooter:BlackCatShooter 1,864 0
Only the best ^.~


hey guys
been awhile
so I guess ill cut straight to the chase..
my mom died Feb 12, 2014
I was devastated
still am
not sure what much to say about it

more time has past
iv gained all my weight back >.<
gotta work out again

still with damian ^^
were suppose to get our own place soon
things are ok for the most part
beside me being depressed all the time

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Hi, I fell over when I was saying bye to you at the firework display.
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